CostaCosta is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our salt and fresh water ecosystems and fisheries. 


How to order from Costa 
Costa is offering a wide range of sunglasses at 50% off of retail. Below are examples of each style in the program. To see the   full range of style and color options, visit Costa's website. Contact Nick Halle at for an access code to Costa's pro rate website. Please specify how many pairs of sunglasses your chapter is planning to order as each code is good for one pair of discounted glasses. Costa will charge and ship your order directly to your chapter contact.


Costa's Technology: Better Design, Better Vision

Lens Colors:

  • Gray: Watersports, beach activities and offshore fishing in bright sun conditions
  • Amber: Fishing in fresh, shallow waters or flats and driving in all sun conditions
  • Vermillion: Inshore fishing, snow and mountain sports in overcast or low light conditions
  • Blue Mirror: (Gray based) Offshore fishing and most water sports in bright sun conditions
  • Green Mirror: (Amber based) Inshore and freshwater fishing in variable conditions
  • Copper: Sight fishing, driving and everyday activities where high contrast is needed


Lens Types:

  • CR-39: Lightweight monomer with exceptional optical resolution
  • Costa 580 Glass: Our patented lenses incorporate an advanced filtering compound into the lens material that reduces yellow light. This delivers enhanced colors and better visual acuity in any conditions


Hard-core sunglasses for hard-core fishing junkies. These co-injected cold-molded frames combine perfect fit with the best polarized lenses on the planet to give you maximum comfort and vision on the water. A true sportsman is always prepared, so keep an extra pair in your tackle box. Frame size: L


You might have gallons of brine in your face and 600 pounds on your hook, but these glasses still won't slip.  The Hydrolite co-injected lining takes care of that, and the flexible frame means serious comfort.  Blackfin pushes the edge in sunglass performance -- so you can push it everywhere else.  Frame size: ML


Virtually indestructible, these nylon frames offer the perfect blend of durability, comfort and style. (It's always nice to look good holding a huge trophy fish.) For serious outdoor adventures, you need polarized sunglasses that will stand up to the elements. You just found them. Frame size: L


Put these glasses on your face and that's where they stay, period.  Give credit to the co-injected Hydrolite that line the glasses from temple to temple, the flexible hinges making them fit, and side vents that keep the lenses clear.  That way, you can see your trophy come over the stern -- and not just feel it in every muscle.  Frame size: L


Fierce.  Powerful.  Big.  Man-o-War is a creature most people avoid.  Not anymore.  These sunglasses are made for big adventures and big faces, with removable side shields for maximum protection against dust, sand, spray, and anything else nature throws your way.  Frame size: L


With the curvy lines of a sailfish jumping out of the water, these full-wrap frames not only look good, you can get them loaded with your prescription lenses, if you need it.  Of course, if you don't you'll still turn heads in any frame color or lens combination.  Fish on!  Frame size: S


She's one of the largest and most intriguing islands in the Galapagos archipelago, and now Isabela brings size and style in a lightweight package.  Nylon composite frames wrap either our CR-39 or glass lenses, meaning you'll see the sun, sand and surf in style.  Frame size: MS


Chris Fischer and his crew are living, breathing, modern-day adventurers and you can bet he’s always got a pair of Costas around his neck. Fisch frames feature no-slip Hydrolite™ lining and our signature three-hole venting system on the front to keep things cool even when things heat up. Frame size: Large


Gallo Pez Gallo or “Rooster Fish” are fierce fighters. Put on a pair of Gallo frames and they’ll know you’re ready to take them on. Two big lenses give you a massive field of vision while co-molded construction and spring hinges follow your every move flawlessly. Frame size: Large


Caballito is the name Panamanians give to a particular baitfish. It means "little horse," which is fitting because these frames are ready to work. Whether you’re following a machete through the jungle, cranking on a sail or looking for an open hammock, Caballito fits the bill. Flexible integral hinges, indestructible nylon frame, Hydrolite nose pads and excellent coverage make this frame ready for surf, sand or open water. Frame size: Medium


The Gatun Lock’s walls on the Panama Canal are 18’ thick and are built to last. So are Gatun frames. With Hydrolite nose pads, pliable and durable nylon frames you’ll find them rich in both comfort and style. Frame size: Large


If you have the cojones, you can swim with them. (The sharks, that is.) If you just want kick-ass style and max coverage, wear these. Built around stainless steel spring hinges, these full-wrap frames come in any number of toothy colors. Go ahead, jump in. Frame size: X-Large


A howler monkey is one of the fiercest beasts in the jungle. And these frames are worthy of the same name. The retro design of these pliable, TR-90 nylon frames take a nod from our classic Deep Blue frame but have thicker temple for more peripheral protection. Frame size: Medium-Large


Don these big-eyed, double bridge, retro inspired frames and you’ll see all of the action and look good doing it. Lago's pliable TR-90 nylon construction materials make them durable, lightweight, comfortable and ready for whatever you throw their way. Frame size: Medium-Large


The waves may not be as big in Florida, but the stoke feels the same. Especially when you’re looking out over the water wearing these. Megol nose pads. Temple tips with our signature watermark. Check the surf forecast, grab your wax and get ready to ride. Frame size: Medium


Marlin absolutely hate these things. And with good reason. They were designed and built to protect serious big game anglers. So you can imagine how they protect the rest of us on the water! Utilizing the incredible performance of Titanium Fused Grilamid, the most advanced nylon made today, the Triple Tail offers maximum durability and comfort in a fashionable 8-base wrap frame style. All that means one thing...if you are on the water, Triple Tail is your ultimate pair of polarized sunglasses. Frame size: Medium-Large


For all you techies out there.  A super-ergonomic sunglass retainer with a cool Costa slider.  As good as it gets.


Sunglasses are a lot harder to loose when they're hanging around your neck.  And the cloth on these are super-soft and comfortable.


Works just like a scuba suit.  But a lot easier to get into.  And of course, our name nice and big across it.  Just the way we like it.


Long Sleeve. In White.


Long Sleeve. In Sky Blue.


Have trouble hanging onto your cleaning cloth?  Not anymore. 


Comes in Khaki, Blue, Camo, Water Camo, and Pink.


Comes in Khaki, White, Blue, Camo, and Water Camo.



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